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My name is  Dylan Nihte and I am a REALTOR® working in Vancouver, British  Columbia. I would like the opportunity to get to know your wants and  needs, so I can better help you achieve your dream home acquisition.

I  specialize in the Downtown Vancouver communities. I work in pre-sale  and existing condos, new developments, detached homes and  townhouses.Whether you're listing your home, looking to buy, or your  next investment property, I can help you. You’ll find I am a very active  member of the community, and would enjoy introducing you to  your neighborhood.

I truly love Vancouver, and have seen  it expand and develop into a vibrant world-class destination. There is  so much this incredible city has to offer - allow me to be your guide.

Finding  you a home as unique as you are, that presents to the world a statement  about yourself, your beliefs, and who you want to become - this is my  career passion. I value individuality, design and the aesthetics of  excellent craftsmanship - the homes I’m going to show you reflect just  that.

Are you familiar with the Strathcona, Railtown, Olympic  Village and Yaletown areas of Vancouver? Would you like expert advice on  the new and prospective residential developments this amazing community  has to offer?

Allow me to build your trust and respect, as we take this journey in to home ownership and investment together. 

Thank you for visiting and I look forward to earning your and your family's business.



 I  was born in Dawson Creek, located in the Northern area of British  Columbia, and my family relocated to East Vancouver when I was 2 years  old. There have been such incredible changes over the span of my  residence here, which renders me perfectly positioned to provide you  insight into the local real estate market of Vancouver.

As  a young entrepreneur in Vancouver in the 90's, working in the  entertainment promotions industry also provided an opportunity to expand  in the Southern Ontario region. My time out East bolstered my sterling  work ethic and strong attention to detail; and led me to develop a team  mindset as well as a mastery over negotiations. Within a year, I was  working in the Gaming and Securities industry while owning an  Information Technology company, specializing in local and global  connectivity.
My first home was purchased at the age of 22,  and since then I have bought and sold many properties, developing a real  passion for real estate.There are many homes in the Railtown, Gastown,  Westend and Strathcona communities that I would love to show and share  with you.

I flew Helicopters commercially for 7  years. This amazing career took me to great heights, literally. Long  line work for forestry, pinnacle mountain top landings, doors off HD  camera work and tourism are just a few of the aviation chapters I was  lucky to be a part of.

Ask me about my city tours,  where I lead you to explore the history of the city's treasured heritage  neighborhoods, and be in the know about numerous upcoming developments.  My neighborhood tours include rotating neighborhoods weekly - sign up,  and I will keep you posted on my next availability.

On a  personal note, I enjoy hiking,board sports and have been known to attend  the odd Crossfit class. As a visually stunning, mulitcultural, and  world-class city of recreation, Vancouver offers something for every  discerning taste and palate - and I aim to enlighten you on all the  memorable experiences it has to offer

I truly look forward to being with you through the journey of home acquisition and ownership - every step of the way.




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